The Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania is interested in developing DBE opportunities in the region. 

Small business enterprises interested in doing business with ATA as a subcontractor, supplier, or service company may qualify as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (including minority and/or woman owned businesses).  Individuals not currently registered with the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (PAUCP) may contact ATA or visit the PAUCP website

ATA encourages application by local firms for participation in this DBE program. 

Questions or comments regarding the DBE goal or how to register can be addressed to:  

Area Transportation Authority ATA DBE

Attn:  Coletta Corioso, Chief Financial Officer

44 Transportation Center, Johnsonburg, Pa 15845

or email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ATA welcomes opportunities to assist minority and woman owned businesses

in obtaining certification as a DBE through the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program.


See ATA's current 2015-2017 action plan for DBE.






ATA Employees meet with Bob Mecca - Executive Director of LIFT on April 14th

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PHOTO  - ATA Headquarters – Johnsonburg April 14, 2016
Debby Smith, Michelle Woodcock, Debbie Addeo, Valerie King, Kristine Gelsick, Dessa Chittester, Coletta Corioso, Michael Agosti, Rick Viglione, Michael Imbrogno, Bob Mecca, Rich Ross, Charlie Shilk, Mike Trunzo, John Schloder, Geno Ferrari 

ATA PHOTO – John Lacny


JOHNSONBURG PA – Bob Mecca, the Executive Director of Life and Independence for Today joined ATA employees at the Johnsonburg HQ, Maintenance and Mobility Center on April 14th to accept an employee contribution to LIFT. The funds were raised in a series of lunchtime events in recent weeks from among ATA employees who work in the HQ facility.

“In the past we have helped LIFT raise funds supporting their successful emergency ramp project and LIFT’s Disability and Aging Expo. This time we have left it to Bob and his team at LIFT to decide where this contribution should be used,” said one ATA organizer. ‘He’s indicated that the money will go toward one of its key services called Nursing Home Transition for Persons under the age of 60.”

According to the new LIFT website

“Nursing Home Transition (NHT) is a process of assisting and empowering residents who want to move from a a nursing facility back to a home of their choice in the community  Through the Nursing Home Transition Program, our agency assists consumers under the age of 60. Life and Independence for Today also provides outreach and education to residents, nursing facility staff, families, and community members so that consumers have the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about their transition.  Through this program, we also connect residents to the services and resources that have been identified and that the consumer has chosen as needed supports for living in the community.  We also advocate for residents to ensure transition plans meet individual needs, while empowering residents to direct their own transition  If you would like to find out if you or a loved one is eligible for our Nursing Home Transition Program, call Life and Independence for Today at 1-800-341-5438, or contact via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.40 more screen

ATA is observing its 40th Anniversary Year in 2016. The six county transportation agency was formed in 1976. The transit authority and LIFT share the same geographic service area and coordinate many activities for the disabled and joint advocacy for ADA, now in its 26th year.


Life and Independence for Today (LIFT) is a Center for Independent Living located in St. Marys, PA. We are a non-profit organization that serves people with disabilities in Elk, Cameron, McKean, Jefferson, Clearfield, and Potter Counties.

ATA is a six county regional transportation authority with headquarters in Johnsonburg PA, support facilities in Bradford and DuBois and transit centers operating in St. Marys and Punxsutawney.



The Clearfield-Centre Vanpool Advantage Network is now available for persons who commute from anywhere in Clearfield County to State College and surrounding communities. Vanpool Advantage can offer direct point-to-point service to a Centre employer's front entrance when a group of riders join forces in an ATA vanpool advantage group.  Read more and be ready to contact ATA's Vanpool Advantage Coordinator today.
Its your next cool van.This is another option to help you reach the Centre Region in comfort and on your schedule. Consider ATA’s VanpoolAdvantage Network program. Here is how you can make your daily Centre connection: join ATA's Vanpool Advantage Network.

Get information on VanpoolAdvantage Connector


ATA's Cool Van

Vanpool Advantage Network Members

• ATA Vanpoolers set the route,
departure times, return times according
to their own needs.
• ATA Vanpool Advantage members
can get special discounts for
new vanpool startups.
• ATA Vanpoolers are eligible for
the “Emergency Ride Home”
• ATA Vanpoolers are also eligible
to receive special federal tax
• You get full support from ATA

Click on this brochure for information on the

Centre Connection via VanpoolAdvantage Network

Great new Mobile App from PennDOT511PA is Pennsylvania's official travel information service which provides you with reliable, current traffic and weather information, as well as links to other transportation services. 511PA is designed to help you reach your destination in the most efficient manner when traveling in Pennsylvania. There is a link for this service on the slider video above (511PA Travel Info to Go). 

Now there is a new companion mobile app for the 511PA service. You can now download the 511PA Mobile AP for your iPhone or Android device. You can obtain the App by scaning or clicking on the QR Codes provided below.

CLICK THE PHONE FOR PennDOT's mobile app web stie.

511PA Mobile AP for iPhone

The 511PA mobile application covers all PennDOT - and Pennsylvania Turnpike-operated roadways for roughly 40,000 miles of roadway. Traffic incidents and construction alerts are reported on all roadways and traffic speeds are reported on approximately 15,000 miles of roadway. The App also has capabilities for neighboring states that can be easily configured within the 511PA mobile software. With 511PA, travelers can find such information such as: traffic conditions; traffic speeds; live traffic camera images; highway construction updates; winter road conditions; weather conditions and alerts; and links to other travel resources.

511PA Mobile App for Android

Here are PennDOT Instructions for 511PA Mobile App  Remember not to "interact with the App" while driving your car. (Better yet ... Ride ATA and enjoy this new 511PA mobile app while on board your ATA bus).

  • Launch the hands-free 511PA application before you put your car in drive. You will hear active PennDOT advisories that are near you. Now put down the phone and focus on driving. There’s nothing on your phone that you need to touch or read. Just listen for travel alerts.
  • The 511PA app will remain "on" while you drive, automatically activating when you approach an area impacted by a PennDOT advisory. The app will broadcast any travel alerts for reported conditions within a set mile-range (that you can set for yourself) of your current location.




LIFT, a regional agency for the disabled, is contacting individuals and businesses in the six county region seeking dollar contributions to support its 2014 Ramp Drive Campaign.  LIFT wishes to expand its inventory of portable ramps that serve local homes on a temporary basis.

LIFT has only two portable ramps in its six-county inventory, one 6’ portable ramp and only one 10’ portable ramp. LIFT wants to add to its inventory with funds from the Ramp Drive Campaign to meet the growing need for such ramps. They plan to purchase ten to fifteen additional portable ramps to meet the temporary needs of people with disabilities.  According to the LIFT Team the estimated cost for each of these new portable ramps is anywhere from $300-$700 per ramp depending on the size.

WJAC TV 6 NEWS - Reported by Devan Clarke; Written by Marc Stempka, 07-25-14, Courtesy 6 NEWS

LIFT’s portable Ramp at homeramp inventory has not met the need.  Many people with newly acquired disabilities have called on LIFT for temporary help until a permanent ramp can be installed in their home.

“LIFT handles a significant number of phone calls each week. To help people adjust and remain in their own homes the number one issue is often access.   Modifications to the home, inside and out are often needed. Without a temporary ramp into the home it is far more difficult to manage the transition to a permanent ramp.”

LIFT says that new portable ramps, purchased with funds raised by the new Ramp Drive Campaign, would be deployed to people with an urgent need, as soon as they are available:

“It might be someone who has recently had surgery or a stroke, or we often see individuals whose disability has worsened requiring them to use a wheelchair. As an example, the temporary ramp is a solution for a nursing home resident who wishes to be with their family in their home during the holidays.”